Titanium parts made for an electrical engineering application. 

Aluminum frame for Magician's Appearance Illusion Stage Act.

SmallPartsWelding.us has invested in StrongHand Tools State-of-the-Art fixture tables to ensure your parts are welded square and true.

Up close aluminum weld on thin 14-guage material.

300-series stainless sprinkler manifold used in a Chemical Industry application.

316 stainless parts that went on for additional machining.

Steel weldment load tested to 2,000 lbs. A large lifting lug/gusset design on underside.

Large bolts made from threaded rod, plate washers and a large nut. 

Fabricated cart for an aerospace application part. 

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Thick 1/2" aluminum parts welded for a customer serving the Aerospace industry.

Frame for a high-end kitchen build. Circular top designed to hold butcher block counter top.

1" Thick Aluminum Parts.

Small welds required on these small parts. 16ga. welded to 1/4" cold rolled steel.

Thin aluminum parts made for a motorsports application. 

Up close bead on thick 1/2" aluminum. 

Cold rolled parts for a mechanical application. 

Stop bushings silver brazed to a carbide
drill bit. 

Two "Peening Rack Shelves" designed to hold a large industrial peening fixture.

300-series stainless parts for a customer serving the Automotive Industry.